Déverrouilleur 5-4

Déverrouilleur 5-4

Le déverrouilleur tout-en-un
Pour produits sécurisés en 1P, 3P, 4P et NormalLock
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Déverrouilleur 5-4

The 5P detacher is the same as the 4P allowing the opening of the all safer and security accessories range of FORS, namely from 1 point protection to 4 points protection.

This detacher is universal and will also open the spiders or all other EAS accessories equipped with 1 point protection Textile.

Fixed with screws on the checkout, the detacher is secured thanks to a cap locked by keys. “I would like to know what is the advantage compared with a classical 4P detacher ?” This detacher is equipped with a removed end-piece which allow to unlock the COS 3 safer (Safer protecting the mascaras whose equipped with the 3 points locking system – patented).

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Poids 0.4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm
Niveau de sécurité

Niveau de sécurité

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