anti-theft for canned crab and tuna

Anti-theft and anti-opening protection for Chatka crab and Albacore tuna cans

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Anti-theft for Canned Crab – Can-Tag™ 3

Given the high demand for these goods, the growing exposure of canned crab and albacore tuna in stores increases the unknown loss for these product ranges.

With our anti-theft tag, you can stop losses caused by theft, thereby ensuring the profitability of your business.

The Faraday cage effect linked to the aluminum metal on the RF or AM labels makes it impossible for these products to be detected by the E.A.S. systems positioned at the checkout.

The CAN-TAG 3 is easily deployed on canned crab, simply close it over the can to lock it in place. The device is stackable, allowing you to maintain an optimized arrangement of your shelves.
With the CAN-TAG 3, Fors offers an effective, suitable, and economical solution.
Height (mm): 33 x Ø 89

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Weight 8,6 kg
Dimensions 38 × 33 × 29 cm
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