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Different ranges of products to meet all your requirements

Fors has been the French leader in the security of articles for sale to mass retailers and specialized stores for over 35 years.
Our specificity lies in our ability to always adapt to emerging markets and design the products that our customers precisely need. FORS has historically designed and marketed a wide range of products: store furnishings, interactive listening terminals, anti-theft boxes, detection gates and EAS accessories.
Fors now offers the widest range of theft protection safer boxes. The company is developing a whole battery of security accessories allowing the sale of self-service products, as well as its own range of Radiofrequency (RF) and Magneto-Acoustic (AM) anti-theft gateways.

Skills and Know-how

Market knowledge:

   From the mass market: Fors products are robust, resistant and anti-vandal.
   Specialty stores: Fors products adapt to store design.
   From the multimedia market: Fors products are high tech.
   Mastery of the entire production and marketing chain of our products.

Integrated R&D Department

   Design and development of high-tech products.
   Management and transmission system of audio, video, games databases.
   Custom design and creation of all patented products.

A personalized range

   Conception of personalized designs for our anti-theft boxes
   Manufacture of EAS accessories adapted to the specific packaging of our partners.
   Creation of listening terminals for specific usage needs with a customizable design.

Integrated production

  Mastery of plastics, metallurgy, IT and electronics.

After sales service

  After-sales service is one of our strategic keys.
  Remote maintenance.

Fors catalogue 2020

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Our ranges of products

EAS Solutions

Fors offers different technologies to adapt to the needs of each store.

(EAS : Electronic Article Surveillance)

RFID Solutions

Our goal:
Improve the customer’s shopping experience and increase sales with RFID.

EAS accessories

Fors has a wide range of anti-theft accessories suitable for each type of product.

Anti-theft safer boxes

The richness of the FORS anti-theft case offer allows you to protect any type of product.

Security stand

FORS free-touch solutions effectively protect open-access products, without sacrificing the comfort of the user who can truly grasp the device without feeling the heaviness of security.

Listening stations

For more than 25 years, Fors has been developing listening points for specialty stores, libraries, media libraries, etc. Our reputation has been built by the robustness of our products and our forS Prestige anti-vandal helmet developed to withstand use in public places.
For all your projects
Contact our sales department at:
01 41 77 62 00
and by email: contact.commercial@fors.fr
Our sales people study with your services the best location to ensure maximum security of your products.
Installation throughout metropolitan France.
Our sales people study with your services the best location to ensure maximum security of your products.
Installation throughout metropolitan France.
Our extensive network of certified technicians maintains your facilities.