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It is sometimes complicated to combine work and supervision in a para / pharmacy, you are often busy preparing your customers’ prescriptions in the backroom. So you can’t stay alert all the time.
In these conditions, it is essential to secure your pharmacy with an anti-theft system.


We have designed a para / pharmacy pack to meet your specific need. AM (magneto-acoustic) technology is the most suitable for your problems.
This technology makes it easier to protect small products without losing useful information for your customers.

What you need

We have set up a pack adapted to the essential needs of your shop:

Fors starter Pack Pharma

– AM duo –

All the prices displayed are calculated for a rental of 60 months.
The warranty period is 2 years .
Installation included.

Fors starter pack Pharma

– AM duo –

After studying the specific needs of pharmacies, we have developed a pack adapted to your pharmacy.
The AM TEMPO antennas (58 KHz) have been selected for their reliability and power.

The pack also includes very discreet AM labels, adapted to your problems.
We have included self-adhesive templates as well as other labels that can be directly inserted into your packaging.

Contents of the pack

We have also integrated the basic accessories into the pack in order to secure your sales area.
3000 AM White Labels
Discreet label
Easy to put in place
2000 insert AM labels
Slips easily into the packaging of your products.
2 AM Tempo Antennas
AM Antenna in aluminium.
Excellent detection.
Possibility of integrating POS.
1 AM Deactivator
This box, installed at the checkout, allows the labels to be deactivated during payment.

Complementary accessories

You can complete your pack with these accessories adapted for your pharmacy or parapharmacy.
AM barcode label
Black AM label
Is this pack
made for your store ?
Do not hesitate to tell us your needs and the specifics of your store in the comments of your request, so that we can provide you with the most suitable details.