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efficient devices to thwart on site theft

EAS (electronic article surveillance) is a set of technologies such as RF, AM, RFID and various products like detection antennas, cameras and sensors used to prevent theft in your store.

Picto antenne

For over 30 years, Fors is recognized as an industry leader in antitheft solutions, with our knowledge and experience, our team is here to help you with your projects.

our eas categories


RF demonstration at a supermarket checkout

Regardless of the technology used, our EAS solutions are simple and typically require you to place  :
Detection antennas or gates at your store’s entry and exit points,
Adapted anthitheft products (tags, labels, safers, etc.) on the products to secure,
Deactivators and unlockers at checkout.

These products need to be setup accordingly for them to work effectively.

Rotation set allowing for 2 passage ways (75 / 140 cm)

Protection cover limiting the antenna’s detection range to 1 side. It can also protect against interferences from objects behind it.

for the disabled
(wheelchair, crutches, etc.)

max between
2 antennas

Leave 20 cm between the antenna and the guidance bar.

Leave 90 cm between the antenna and baskets.

Leave 50 cm between the antenna and your sliding doors.

Leave enough clearance for carts. 


Fors combines different EAS technologies to bring you the ideal protection.

Antenna detection

MONO antennas :

Can be installed alone or in serial. They detect on both sides.


DUO antennas :

They work in pairs and their detection area is limited to one side.

Radio-frequency (RF)

A discrete and efficient solution for your store

The RF technology is the most common on the market. It relies on an 8,2 MHz high frequency  radio signal. The internals of the antitheft tags and labels amplify this signal when in range of an antenna, allowing it’s detection.

This technology is very popular, especially in mass retail, and benefits from a large range of antennas and accessories. It has the best performance to price ratio with a detection rate up to 90%, all of it is embeded in a discrete package and a sleek design. 

It’s worth noting that metallic objects can disrupt the RF fields, hence the configuration should be handled by a professional.


◌ Mass retail
◌ Supermarkets
◌ Textile
◌ Footwear
◌ Libraries


Detecion rate up to 90%
Works through liquids
Excellent performance to price ratio
Large range of accessories
 Numerous options


Sensitive to metal
 Initial configuration

Acousto-magnetic (AM)

The most adapted solution for large passages

AM systems are the most performant antitheft systems, they rely on a 58 khz magnetic field. AM tags and labels have ferromagnetic slats that vibrate as they enter an AM magnetic field. The vibration is detected by the antenna, allowing the detection.

The main advantage of this technology is that it combines the best detection rate (up to 95%) and a very high range (up to 250cm).

It also allows you to easily protect small products with discrete labels, making this tech ideal for drugstores, perfume and cosmetic items.  

The initial configuration, regardless of the model, requires an expert that is able to make an environmental assessment.

Étiquette AM code barre


◌ Drugstores
◌ Cosmetics
◌ High-tech
◌ Optics
◌ Museums
◌ DIY, Decoration


Detection rate up to 95%
Very discrete labels
False alerts are close to non-existent
Covers a larger area


More expensive
Expertise required for the inital configuration
Sensitive to metal

electro-magnetic (EM)

A technology suited for metallic products

The EM thechnology was the first to appear on the market. It’s similar to AM with the difference being that it detects a magnetized antitheft in it’s field.

This technology is decreasing in popularity with the arrival of RF and AM systems that offer better performance. However it allows labels to be reactivated, making it a perfect solution for libraries amongst others. This technology also allows metallic products to be protected, making ideal for various hardware stores.

Étiquette EM


◌ Libraries
◌ Media stores
◌ Various hardware


Protects metallic products
Discrete accessories
Cost of accessories
Reusable labels


Cost of antennas
80% detection rate
Range limited to 90cm

Fighting experienced thieves : available options

Protect the protection

In their attempts at countering currently deployed antitheft systems, thieves are developing countermeasure technics, such as powerful magnets to disable some antitheft products, or by using a “booster-tag”.  

With these technics being public knowledge, solutions can be deployed in order to protect antitheft products.

Picto Booster Bag

Metal detection

The booster-bag is at first glance a standard bag, however it is discretely coated with aluminium inside in order to block detection signals. A discrete and effective way to steal, usually for clothing.

It’s impact is most often underestimated, as it represents the biggest loss in revenue for stores. It is recommended to combine your traditional antennas with a metal detection solution.

Picto Aimant illégal

magnet detection

Magnet detection antennas are usually installed in fitting rooms for them to be able to detect prohibited magnets that can be used to disable some antitheft devices.

our forscloud solution

Online maintenance for your installations

Our SmartPulse tech guarantees a high quality and reliability of our hardware through time.

Our ForsCloud solution integrates telemaintenance and improves data collection for your security personel.


With our ForsBox, you can tether your antennas to one another, ForsCloud allows you to configure and maintain your installations, but also to control your antennas integrated passages  and have your checkout alarm triggers directly connected to your security personel.



ForsCloud | Maintenance

Via internet, telemaintenance allows us to monitor and remotely intervene on configuration issues for us to provide you with a better support if needed.

ForsCloud | Configuration du système

Reporting & Analyse

Fors Hosting

ForsCloud | Remontée d'informations

Our servers allow you to monitor in real time the data output of your antennas.

Our reporting features allows you to monitor your store’s EAS regardless of your location.

ForsCloud | État des antennes


ForsBox | Vue générale

Tethered to your antennas, the ForsBox allows them to stream data online and benefit from our ForsCloud solutions.

Passage & alarm closed checkout

With the embeded features of the Orchestra antenna, such as closed checkout monitoring, you can detect any client going through a closed checkout passage. The antenna turns red.


Orchestra | Rétroéclairage bleu ou rouge

Our Orchestra antennas are compatible with our ForsBox & ForsCloud solutions. They also have a backlight : blue by default and red when  an alarm is triggered. 

passage counter

Orchestra | Compteur de passage

The counter allows to measure the entry / exit flow where the antenna is located. This solution offers you convenience and flexibility. 

alarm trigger

ForsCloud | Bouton d'appel

With our ForsBox & ForsCloud solutions, the alarm trigger allows the cashier to ping the security personel if needed.



For your security personel, the pager aggregates your different alarms (closed checkout, tag detection, alarm trigger, etc.) for them to provide an adequate response.


The Fors antennas : versatility with quality

The detection antenna is a the heart of your products safety, they’ll satisfy your requirements for your store’s protection.

Our expertise allows us to better support our clients and guide them to most suited solution with their technical and budget constraints. Our antennas are adapted for all stores.

Always striving for excellence, our RF & AM antennas feature the the latest DSP standards allowing to mitigate any interferences and maintain a high detection rate to guarantee an optimal protection for your products. 

With our knowhow and experience, we’re able to guide you towards the most suitable solution for your store by taking into consideration all of your constraints.

More than 3 500 stores are equipped with our antennas in France and the rest of the world.

◌ Our RF Mono range
Our RF Duo range

Our RF Mono range

A discrete and efficient protection for your store

Orchestra | Rétroéclairage bleu ou rouge


Permanent blue & red when triggered 

Protection Capot

Protection Cover

Metal protection 20/10

Protection Chariot

Cart Protection

Metal tubing and PMMA slides

Rétroéclairage alarme


Red backlighting, Configurable sound alarm


Carte électronique

Smartpulse Tech

Last-gen DSP with our SmartPulse for an improved detection

Radio-frequency antennas have been conceived for the most sensitive environments.

With our SmartPulse tech the antenna detects any interfering element in it’s area and optimizes it’s detection.

This tech allows it to reach a 2,20m detection range between two antennas (with the Forstag Round).

Once installed, the antenna adapts to its environment on its own, limiting maintenance costs.

It integrates perfectly in supermarkets, hypermarkets, DIY stores, mass retail and other proximity stores…

The antennas in this range rely on an 8,2 Mhz RF signal, the universal standard for labels and stickers. They’re compatible with all brands.

detection range on each side of the antenna

↔ 90 cm

Picto Étiquette RF


↔ 90 cm

Picto Macaron


↔ 110 cm

Picto Forstag Round

Forstag Round


The environment, conifguration and the product’s size can affect the detection range.

Armony Plus RF

Released in 2015, the Armony antenna has convinced numerous retail clients with its design and ease of configuration.

Over 300 retail stores are equipped with our ARM-G3 model in France and the rest of the world.


Design exclusif Fors


  • DSP with SmartPulse
  • Automatic interference awareness
  • Excellent detection
  • Versatile
  • Design
  • Performance stability through time
  • Blue backlighting (option)

Armony Antenna
Plexiglass PMMA


Armony Antenna

Aluminium Anodized

Orchestra Plus RF

The new Orchestra RF antenna fills the new requirements regarding data streaming for retail businesses. With a new design and an exceptional ease of installation, configuration and remote maintenance.

Design exclusif Fors


  • Like the ARMONY PLUS RF
  • Slim (65 mm)
  • Telemaintenance (option)
  • Passage counter (option)
  • Automatic reporting (option)
  • Pager (option)
  • Blue backlighting (option)
  • Passage alarm for closed checkouts (option)

Orchestra Antenna
Plexiglass PMMA


Une technologie discrète et efficace pour votre magasin
Symphony ultra slim

Ultra Slim

Only 4cm of width at the antenna’s base

Design discret


PMMA transparent antenna for an absolute discretion

Symphony PLV

Point of Sale Advertising

Can be used as an advertising banner or it can host a plexi support/

Rétroéclairage alarme


Red backlight, configurable sound alarm 

Carte électronique

Embeded electronics

Last gen DSP Rx-Tx tech for a better detection

The Symphony Plus Radio-frequency antenna is perfectly adpated to retail stores, allowing for an optimal detection between two gates.

With the Rx-Tx tech the antennas work in pair for an optimal performance.

This tech allows for a detection range up to 2,20m between two antennas (with our Forstag Round).

The Symphony PLus range is comprised of two models : the Symphony Plexi and the Symphony Alu. The only difference between the two is the design.

The antennas in this range rely on an 8,2 Mhz RF signal, the universal standard for labels and stickers. They’re compatible with all brands.

detection range between two antennas

↔ 160-180 cm

Picto Étiquette RF


↔ 180-200 cm

Picto Macaron


↔ 200-220 cm

Picto Forstag Round

Forstag Round


The environment, conifguration and the product’s size can affect the detection range.


Released in 2015, the Symphony Plus antenna has convinced numerous retail clients with its design and ease of installation and configuration. 

Design exclusif Fors


  • DSP signal filter
  • Excellent detection
  • Adevertisement integration
Symphony Plexi
  • Sleek Design
  • Slim
Symphony Alu
  • Cost optimization
  • Ultra Slim
  • Higher physical tolerance

Symphony Antenna
PMMA Plexiglass


Symphony Antenna
Anodized Aluminium

AM Duo Range

The most performant tech for large passages

Tempo ultra slim

Ultra Slim

Seulement 5 cm d’épaisseur à la base de l’antenne

Design discret AM


Antenne en PMMA transparent pour une discrétion totale
Tempo PLV


Possibilité d’intégrer de la PLV ou un support plexi
Rétroéclairage alarme AM


Signal rouge,
Alarme sonore

Carte électronique

Électronique intégrée

DSP de dernière génération avec technologie AM pour une meilleure détection

Ideal for clothing, drugstores, etc., our AM antennas benefit from an excellent detection range and a perfect resistance to any interference.

This tech can reach a detection range up to 2,20m between two antennas (with our Rambo Tags), allowing your to clear your entry point for your clients.

The tempo range is comprised of three models : with three different widths with varying detection strengths.

These antennas rely on a 58 KHz magneto-acoustic signal, the international standard for hard labels and stickers. They are compatible with all brands.

detection range between two antennas

Pour le modèle :
30 cm
44 cm
52 cm

130 cm

Picto Étiquette AM

Étiquette AM

160 cm

Picto macaron AM Pencil

Macaron AM

200 cm

Picto Accessoires Textiles

Forstag AM Rambo Tag


L’environnement, les configurations d’installation, ainsi que la taille des étiquettes, peuvent influer sur les distances de détection.

Additional products 

La solution anti booster-bag
Elle correspond à notre gamme de dernière génération encore plus pratique et robuste bénéficiant d’un design moderne.

Options et accessoires

Les outils pour construire une solution parfaitement adaptée

équipements de désactivation

Le contrôle des étiquettes en caisse
Elle correspond à notre gamme de dernière génération encore plus pratique et robuste bénéficiant d’un design moderne.

équipements de déverrouillage

Le contrôle des antivols en caisse
Elle correspond à notre gamme de dernière génération encore plus pratique et robuste bénéficiant d’un design moderne.

Compteurs de passage

La mesure du flux de personnes
Elle correspond à notre gamme de dernière génération encore plus pratique et robuste bénéficiant d’un design moderne.

Les Solutions SpinTag

Solution contre le vol de masse
Pour les voleurs, décrocher l’ensemble des produits présentés sur une broche peut être aisé, un simple glissement dans un sac, le tour est joué en seulement quelques secondes. SpinTag vous offre la possibilité de temporiser la collecte des objets de vente exposés en magasin et de Neutraliser les vols d’impulsion et vols durs recyclés sur les marchés parallèles.
Logo SpinTag
La broche du système SpinTag : La solution de temporisation pour sécuriser vos broches !
Le bouton SpinTag
Broche SpinTag | Zoom

Lutter efficacement contre le vol de masse …

… Tout en favorisant le libre-service !


Solution contre le vol de masse
Pour une protection maximale, le système SpinTag peut être complété par l’équipement ProtectPin, spécialement destiné à empêcher les voleurs de retirer la broche complète fixée sur le fond perforé, la barre de charge, ou sur les lames des mobiliers de présentation.
Logo ProtectPin
ProtectPin SpinTag | Sur panneau rainuré
ProtectPin SpinTag | Sur panneau rainuré
ProtectPin SpinTag | Sur panneau rainuré

ProtecPin s’adapte à tous types de gondoles !

Protection vidéo

L’outil indispensable pour la protection de vos biens et de votre personnel en magasin.
Elle correspond à notre gamme de dernière génération encore plus pratique et robuste bénéficiant d’un design moderne.

Options et accessoires

Optimisez votre configuration !

Elle correspond à notre gamme de dernière génération encore plus pratique et robuste bénéficiant d’un design moderne.

Guidance an guates

Managing trafic in your store

Portillons automatiques supermarché
Portillon mécanique secours

Issue de secours

Portillon muni d’un crantage autorisant le passage en cas d’urgence.
Portillons mécanique gauche

Sortie sans achat

Le portillon manuel “sortie sans achat” peut être commandé par un simple bouton par vos hôte(sse)s de caisse. Il est également possible d’installer un portillon mécanique permettant le passage dans le sens souhaité.
barres guidage

guidance bar

Securing your entry and exits points is simple with our chrome-plated guidance bars.

guidance rails

The grounded guidance rails allows you to protect your furniture from physical impacts. The modular elements are easy to install and gives you flexibility. Produced in stainless steel, they can be used indoors and outdoors.

Rail guidage

Solution Libre-Service

La solution caisse automatique permet l’ouverture du portillon sur présentation du code-barres imprimé sur le ticket de caisse. Ce système permet de réduire les vols et de garantir un haut niveau de sécurité sur les caisses automatiques.
Scanner libre service
Poteau scanner
Portillons automatiques

Portillon automatique

Le portillon automatique constitue la solution économique idéale pour sécuriser l’entrée de votre magasin.
Il déclenche automatiquement l’ouverture lorsqu’un client s’approche. Ce nouveau modèle EasyGate NG bénéficie des dernières innovations Fors.
Si une personne passe le portillon à l’envers, une alarme se déclenche.

La solution EasyGate NG

Design et modularité au service de la sécurité
Elle correspond à notre gamme de dernière génération encore plus pratique et robuste bénéficiant d’un design moderne.

simplicité d’utilisation

Le Nouveau EasyGate NG combine le meilleur de la gamme Easygate standard et Flexigate tout en bénéficiant de la technologie et des composants les plus récents du marché. Son format compact permet une implantation facile quelle que soit la configuration de votre magasin. L’EasyGate NG a été conçu dans l’objectif de créer une harmonie parfaite entre les différents éléments de la gamme (bras, montants, barres de guidage…). Il dispose d’une fonction anti-panique et d’une alarme sonore qui retentit si le bras de porte est poussé dans le mode anti-panique.


  •  Fonction anti-panique permettant un déverrouillage inversé du portillon
  • Ouverture du bras à 90°
  • Liaison et synchronisation de plusieurs portillons (par GateCom)
  • Puissance anti-panique réglable


La gamme EASYGATE NG peut être fournie dans les différentes configurations suivantes :
  •  Mode Standard (ouverture automatique)
  • Mode Bienvenue (portillons ouverts se refermant si quelqu’un passe dans le sens inverse)
  • Mode Sécurisé (portillons doubles)
  • Mode Nettoyage (toutes les portes peuvent être ouvertes à la fois grâce à un panneau de commande en option)

Données techniques

  •  Temps d’ouverture : 1,5 s
  • Temps de fermeture : 2,5 s
  • Puissance anti-panique : 40 à 75 Nm
  • Type de signal : NPN, 12 VDC
  • Réglages : Puissance anti-panique, temps d’ouverture et fermeture du portillon
  • Alimentation Moteur : 12 VDC
  • Alimentation : 230 V

For any enquiry
Contact our commercial department :
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and by mail : contact.commercial@fors.fr

We study with you the best way to maximize our product’s performance.

Installation throughout metropolitan France.

Nos commerciaux étudient avec vos services la meilleure implantation pour garantir une sécurité maximale de vos produits.
Installation sur toute la France métropolitaine.

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