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Our goal:
Improve the customer’s shopping experience and increase sales with RFID.

Combined with other technologies, RFID is a major factor in the changes to come and is becoming an essential asset for customer reception and experience.
Picto RFID Noir

With RFID, the purchasing process is optimized to allow the store to have a higher profitability. The offer becomes interactive, personalized and contextualized.

RFID | Chip
Fors RFID solutions promote the buying experience and increase sales.

What is RFID?
Why is this a real asset?

Barriers encountered by customers during their purchasing process reduce the retailer’s sales.
There are many obstacles to selling:
  • Gates at the entrance
  • Difficulty finding a product
  • Out of stock
  • Difficulty observing the rendering of a product
  • Difficulty requesting another size from the fitting room
  • Cashing queues
RFID technology helps reduce these barriers, promoting the shopping experience and increasing sales.
RFID | ForsLook
ForsLook : System of cross-selling recommendations by automatic detection of items brought into the cabin.
RFID | Retail store
RFID | Retail store 2

RFID helps contextualize

Retailers intensively use recommendations on online sites and derive a substantial increase in their revenues:

Internet recommendations are an anchor for purchasing a product. The customer will be more likely to buy if advised.

  • 70% of Amazon’s home page is dedicated to product recommendations
  • 35% of Amazon sales come from recommendations
  • The majority of films streamed on Nexflix come from recommendations
  • On online sites, recommendations increase revenue by 5% to 15%
RFID | Internet recommendation
RFID | Internet suggestion
However, the store infrastructure is generally non-interactive.
It does not provide recommendations to clients.
RFID helps contextualize and bring this new dimension to stores.

Benefits of RFID

To the customer

  • Minimize boring shopping experiences
  • Get personalized recommendations,
    avoid lack of information
  • Delivery route tracking in real time
  • Avoid long waiting lines
  • Avoid stock-outs

For you

  • Flexibility in store management (inventory, stock among othres)
  • Use recommendations to increase your income
  • build up customer loyalty
  • More product information
  • Easier and more frequent restocking
  • Wide range of locks
  • Identification of stolen products
RFID | ForsMirror
RFID | ForsMat entrance
RFID | ForsRobot


Picto RFID Noir
Around this technology, a complete range of systems is built to improve the customer shopping experience.
Shopping girl

RFID encoding systems

RFID | ForsStation
ForsStation, a Fors solution for encoding RFID tags and labels quickly and easily: in factories, warehouses and stores.

Automatic inventory systems

RFID | ForsShelf

Automatic Fors inventory systems like the ForsShelf increase the availability of goods and reduce losses thanks to RFID technology.

Interactive Consulting & Sales Systems

RFID | Borne ForsLook
With the ForsLook terminal, an interactive system of cross-selling recommendations, Fors allows you to improve the purchasing experience and increase sales.

Quick checkout systems

RFID | ForsPay
Fors’ fast RFID POS systems speed up the payment process and reduce queues.

Anti-Theft Systems

RFID | ForsMat
With the ForsMat detection mat, Fors makes your store accesses free of obstacles, which attracts more consumers.

Cloud software platform

RFID | ForsCloud
Our RFID systems are managed and controlled remotely by a cloud software platform recording RFID data and customer interaction.

For all your projects
Contact our sales department at:
01 41 77 62 00
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Our sales people study with your services the best location to ensure maximum security of your products.
Installation throughout metropolitan France.
Our sales people study with your services the best location to ensure maximum security of your products.
Installation throughout metropolitan France.
Our extensive network of certified technicians maintains your facilities.