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security stand :

Effectively protect open access products without sacrificing user comfort.

The security stand solutions allow you to secure hundreds of products in store, while leaving them free to use for your customers. They can get a clear idea of ​​their purchase without running the risk of them being able to steal it.
Thanks to the various existing fixing stands, we can adapt to all of your furniture, according to different inclinations and even for wall mounting.
Security stand
The plurality of the security stand range offers you the possibility of securing your products in alarmed or simply mechanical solution, and ensuring their electrical recharging permanently. Our equipment is specially dedicated for your multimedia / hi-tech department: Telephone, Tablets, Computers, Watches, Cameras, Headphones, Speakers, GPS, VR Headsets, among others.
Security display | Comfort in use
Fors security stand solutions are a comfort for the user, allowing to grasp the real weight of the device without feeling the heaviness of security.
Security stand | zoom PC
A discreet, versatile, efficient solution.
Security stand | Telephone
Security stand | Tablet
Security stand | PC
Security stand | Camera
Video cameras and cameras
Security stand | Loudspeakers
Security stand | Smart watches
Smart watches
Security stand | Protection cable for headphone
Security stand | loop protection for headphone
The Loop cable, with its adjustable loops to fit to all configurations!
Security stand | Mechanical protection for tablet
Security stand | Mechanical protection for laptop

Fors mechanical protections offer high security for your valuable products.

With FORS security stand solutions:

Protect your products without distorting their design while allowing their free access!

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Contact our sales department at:
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Our sales people study with your services the best location to ensure maximum security of your products.
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Installation throughout metropolitan France.
Our sales people study with your services the best location to ensure maximum security of your products.
Installation throughout metropolitan France.
Our extensive network of certified technicians maintains your facilities.
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