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A bottle of alcohol is fairly easy to conceal and not protecting it poses a risk. The sale prices of certain wines and spirits make these bottles one of the most coveted prey for thieves in the world.


Faced with this scourge, we have designed the
with a set of FORSTAG accessories to secure all of your alcohols, wines and champagnes.

What you need

We have set up a pack adapted to the essential needs of your shop:

Fors starter Pack Wine cellar

– RF duo –

All the prices displayed are calculated for a rental of 60 months.
The warranty period is 2 years .
Installation included.

Fors starter pack wine cellar

– RF duo –

The FORS Symphony plexiglas Radio-frequency (8,2 Mhz) antennas, have proven their worth with our wine merchants.
They combine elegance and efficiency.

You will also find in this pack a lot of FORSTAG Alcohol universal,
to secure 99% of your bottles.

We also have two locks designed specifically for wine and champagne bottles.

Contents of the pack

We have integrated the basic accessories into the pack in order to secure your sales area.
2 Symphony Plexiglass Antennas
RF duo antennas in plexiglass.
Excellent detection.
Backlight optional.
1 SuperLock opener
It allows you to quickly unlock all secure accessories in Normal lock and Superlock.

100 Forstags Alcohol Universal

Protects 99% of bottles.
All-in-one Forstag system.
Easy, quick and safe installation.

Complementary accessories

You can complete your pack with these accessories adapted for your cellar.

Forstag Wine

Forstag Wine

Forstag Champagne

Forstag Champagne

Is this pack
made for your store ?
Do not hesitate to tell us your needs and the specifics of your store in the comments of your request, so that we can provide you with the most suitable details.

Our clients

Fors has been providing anti-theft protection for cellars for over 35 years:

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