ForsTag Wine

E.A.S. anti-theft for wine bottles

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The dedicated anti-theft device for maximum security and aesthetics.

It is used like a standard ForsTag and, thanks to its innovative retractable pin system, ensures maximum security.

The FORSTAG WINE is made of reinforced plastic, making it particularly difficult to cut through. Additionally, the patented pin closure system (inaccessible) guarantees perfect durability. The lock does not wear out over time.

Available in RF or AM

All-in-one system,
Single locking position: No adjustment or random tightening during installation
All-reinforced plastic anti-theft tag
Time-saving installation and removal at checkout
Does not damage bottles
Compact: No space loss on shelves or in wine cases
Available in Normal Lock and Super Lock / integrates an RF or AM ferrite
Discreet and stylish
Retractable ForsTag pin

Reference: FTVIN
Unit weight: 20 g
Pack of 100

Additional information

Weight 1,9 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 cm


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